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24 Item(s)

Nourish your skin with our absolute variety of Facial Moisturising cream

In this world where people are running for various skin treatments to maintain the glow, one simple change in your skincare routine can do wonders. Do you know that your skin needs to stay moist in order to maintain its shine? Yes, you heard it right; to allow your skin to remain healthy and breathe properly, scrubbing, moisturising, and toning is very important. We, at Dr Botanicals, hear a lot of people that after scrubbing their skin feel harsh that is why we launched the best range of facial moisturising creams. Our products are neutral and vegan which are good for every skin type. If you have a rough and dry texture, then we say you must try our moisturising cream for dry skin which will remove the flakiness and cure the patches.

Some people with oily skin have a misconception that putting moisturiser can affect adversely. But, have you ever thought about the reason behind excess oil production? When your skin does not get enough nourishment and is prone to dust and dirt it naturally generates extra oil. At Dr Botanicals, we have different types of face moisturiser for oily skin which acts as a wholesome factor for the skin. They provide ample of nutrients to the skin which controls the oil and maintain the glow.

So, whenever you feel that your skin is losing its appeal, make this change in your daily routine and keep your skin alluring and healthy.