Coffee Superfood Exfoliante Facial Renovador

Coffee Superfood Exfoliante Facial Renovador
Eliminate the appearance of dark spots
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Nuestro Exfoliante Superfood  Facial Renovador de Café exfolia suavemente, enriquece y refresca tu piel.


Los principales ingredientes activos de este producto son:


1. El Aceite de Café se concentra en la planta de café verde y es rico en antioxidantes y ácidos grasos que nutren y trabajan para proteger el cutis de la piel. 
2. Wallnut Shell Powder es un exfoliante natural, que elimina suavemente las células de la piel seca para revelar la piel suave y lisa.


La gama Apothecary reúne a la ciencia y a los Superalimentos para crear tratamientos de cuidado de la piel innovadores, naturales, ecológicos y veganos. Nuestros productos son verdaderamente naturales y libres de productos químicos nocivos como perfumes sintéticos, colorantes y parabenos. Experimente lo que el cuidado de la piel natural puro puede hacer por usted.


Product Q&A

Q: Is this gentle enough for sensitive skin?
A: Yes! This product is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Q: How long is the shelf life after I open it?
A: 6 months after opening. However, as with all cosmetic products, we recommend you keep the lid tightly screwed on when not in use.

Q: Do I have to use water to remove the product?
A: Yes, the product needs to be removed with warm water. 

Q: How much product should I use?
A: Use a half a nut size for your face and one more if you want to use it on the neck as well.

Q: How often should I enfoliate my face?
A: Everyone's skin is different, for sensitive skin, once every 10 days should be sufficient. For combination or dry skin once a week and for oily or mature skin twice a week.

Q: Is Dr. Botanicals vegan?
A: We are proud to be PETA-Approved! Our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients! 

How To Use

Masajear suavemente en la piel hūmeda después de la limpieza. Enjuague con agua tibia.


Feefo Reviews - Average 100% (13 reviews)

  • Skin Customer
    Questo scrub è presto diventato parte della mia routine quotidiana. La pelle da subito appare più luminosa e vellutata, in più ha un meraviglioso profumo.
  • Jenn Peters
    This stuff is so amazing. At first, I thought the price point was a bit high, but now I can see it will last a long time because you only need a little bit each time. I put on a put and rubbed in a soft, circular motion and rinsed it off and my face was SO soft afterward and much brighter and clearer... Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    My favourite of all the products I ordered.
  • Abi Kemp
    it smelt amazing literally like tiramisu and left my skin feeling super soft and glowing although it did make my skin a little dry on first use it was nothing a moisturiser couldn't fix would deffo recommend this
  • Skin Customer
    This one is amazing. That smell is so good that I could eat it. It exfoliates very gentle and leaves skin so soft.
  • Niamh Gallagher
    This has become part of my daily routine, leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed!! Absolutely love it
  • ziggymia
    I have quite sensitive skin and often find most scrubs too harsh, but this one is gentle yet effective. The coffee oil not only smells amazing but my skin looks refreshed, energised and also moisturised - as if it's had a caffeine hit.
  • Skin Customer
    Really nice body oil. It isn't at all greasy, is light and easily absorbed into the skin. It is on the pricier side however. Packaging is lovely too.
  • Suzi Wilkinson
    I have a love/hate relationship with exfoliators, I know my skin needs an exfoliation boost when it looks dull and sluggish but usually I find products either don’t really have an effect, or that they leave my skin dry and sore.

    Not with this product! Not only does it smell divine - like a cup of...
    Read More.
  • Nicki Sly
    Love this product! Most exfoliating scrubs can leave my skin feeling very dry and I need to pile on the moisturiser, this didn’t. Aside from the lush smell, it goes on smoothly (tip: a little goes a long way) and my skin felt soft and fresh.
    I’m mid 40’s so, as it’s a vegan product I asked my...
    Read More.
  • Grace Pritchard
    I really like this facial exfoliator- I'm a teen and really enjoy having a skincare routine and the whole process of taking care of my skin, so exfoliating is a must for me.

    The walnut shell included as the exfoliating ingredient doesn't harshly scrub at your skin, but instead gently removes...
    Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    Is a fantastic organic product that make a perfect esfoliation and leave a very soft skin
  • Patsy Khan
    Coffee is my must-have morning boost, so I keep this product in the fridge next to almond milk to complement my wake-up process. On a wet face it blends instantly to a creamy capuccino-coloured consisistency with a distinct coffee aroma and just enough "sloughing" power from natural seeds for... Read More.