Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum

Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum
Reduce the appearance of lines, Visibly lift and firm the skin

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Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin


Our Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum aims to smooth and nourish your delicate eye area, leaving your skin looking smoother and brighter.

Vegan certified Dr. Botanicals products, are made only of natural ingredients. Never tested on animals, this range embodies our belief in the potent power of botanicals.

The active ingredients:

1) Pomegranate extract is high in antioxidant activity aims to smooth and brighten the skin for a more radiant-looking eye area.
2) Raspberry seed oil contains high amounts of fatty acids and vitamin E that moisturise and protect skin’s complexion.

If you’re already a fan of our Apothecary Collection, then you could try more of our 100% natural skincare products. The first step in any routine is to always remove impurities and makeup; our multi-purpose balm Lemon Superfood Rescuing Remedy Balm quickly removes daily grime and make up, it is a true skin saviour! Then follow with our Coffee Superfood Renewing Facial Exfoliator, gently massage into wet skin and rinse off with warm water. Your skin is now clean and ready for our Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum, this dark spot remover is kind to all skin types. Time for a moisturiser, choose between our Artichoke Superfood Firming Night Moisturiser or our Kale Superfood Nourishing Day Moisturiser.

Product Q&A

Q: I am looking for an anti-ageing eye serum, which in the Dr. Botanicals range is most appropriate for me?
A: This eye serum is perfect for those with mature skin!

Q Should I use it in the morning or night?
Eye serums should be applied twice daily, just after cleaning the skin.

Q: How long is the shelf life after I open it?
: 6 months after opening. However, as with all cosmetic products, we recommend you keep the lid tightly screwed on when not in use.

Q: Can I use it every day?
: Yes! Incorporating it into your daily routine will make a big difference.

Q: Is this eye serum 100% natural?
: Yes!  Our products are truly natural and free from harmful chemicals such as synthetic perfumes, colorants, and parabens. Experience what pure natural skincare can do for you. 

Q: Is Dr. Botanicals vegan?
We are proud to be PETA-Approved! Our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients!

How To Use

Use twice a day, morning and night. With ring finger, apply sparingly to entire eye area using a gentle patting motion.


Feefo Reviews - Average 93% (54 reviews)

  • Elizabeth Dobbie
    I have dark circles under my eyes and this is hereditary. I found the pomegranate eye serum has a wonderful effect on fine lines, reducing them to almost nothing but so far I have not seen much brightening of the dark circles, maybe longer use is needed. Very happy with the results so far.
  • Skin Customer
    Illumina il contorno occhi, le borse si attenuano, ottimo il profumo.
  • Denise McSpadden
    The Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum has the same pleasant, flowery fragrance as the Indulgence Cream but the consistency is that of a light oil. A small amount of the serum went a long way and there was some residue left on the surface of the skin: I wouldn't recommend using this eye... Read More.
  • Inés Díaz Gómez
    Me encanta, han conseguido una textura ligera y a la vez muy hidratante, justo lo que busco yo para frenar mis líneas de expresión. El contorno de ojos relajado y descansado gracias a este serum. Con una aplicación sencilla y rápida.
  • Skin Customer
    Great effects, but slightly to oily for me.
  • Annabelle Byrne
    I just put one drop on my ring finger and rub some on my ring finger on the other hand and that is enough to put on both eyes. Has a nice smell and feel and I haven't noticed any dark circles since using it but it wasn't a big issue before eiether.
  • Guest
    My skin around my eyes feel more hydrated, softer and brighter. It does make me get a little 'eye goo' directly after using but nothing serious or uncomfortable.
  • Skin Customer
    Amazing super what more can I say
  • Skin Customer
    Love this product. It really feels like it is doing what it says and a little goes a very long way. Good value for money!
  • Skin Customer
    Amazing product, eyes look brighter and more refreshed - highly recommend!
  • Skin Customer
    It actually firms my eyes a little bit. It's pretty nice - I believe it's a great addition to my skincare routine!
  • Sian Henderson
    Amazing, the serum isn’t greasy at all so it soaks into the skin around your eyes with out leaving and greasy residue afterwards like other eye serums. And also not scented either so no irritation. It’s lovely and cooling to use on tired eyes in the morning as it’s stored in the fridge :)
  • Lana Smith
    This worked well to moisturise my eyes. It smells delicious and went on well. It was absorbed quickly and I use it nightly.
  • Eleanor
    Caused an allergic reaction.
  • Guest
    Smells gorgeous ... very watery but absorbs quickly .. eyes definitely look brighter
  • Mina Dragojevic
    Amazing serum oil. Glides so nicely, skin is so hydrated that I don’t need anything else on top of that. Love the fact that it should stay in the fridge (as it has no preservatives) so each time I openy fridge it ‘reminds’ me to dab few drops and nourish my eyes’ skin more often!
    Great for...
    Read More.
  • Poppy Horscroft
    I absolutely love this product! As someone with sensitive skin I was so surprised at how gentle it was! And it smells incredible :D
  • Skin Customer
    This works perfectly as an overnight serum, does all the work for you while you sleep, smells and feels amazing!
  • Diane Ayres
    I have only used this a few times up to now but the results look promising. Easy to apply, felt very soothing to use and did seem to brighten the skin around the eyes.
  • Allison Brodie
    Love love it, fresh clean and it works