Lemon Superfood Rescuing Remedy Balm

Lemon Superfood Rescuing Remedy Balm
Visibly lift and firm the skin, Youthfully hydrate

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Dry Skin, Normal Skin


Our Lemon Superfood Rescuing Remedy Balm is a multi-purpose balm and a true skin saviour that aims to nourish, hydrate and protect the skin.

The Apothecary range brings together science and superfoods to create innovative, natural, ecological and vegan-friendly skincare treatments. Our products are truly natural and free from harmful chemicals such as synthetic perfumes, colorants, and parabens. Experience what pure natural skincare can do for you.

The main active ingredients in the formulation are:

1) Lemon Tea Tree is high in antioxidants that balance and nourish the skin.
2 Coconut oil is high in antioxidants and fatty acids that work to hydrate, restore and protect the skin.

If you’re already a fan of our Apothecary Collection, then you could try more of our 100% natural skincare products. The first step in any routine is to always remove impurities and makeup; our multi-purpose balm Lemon Superfood Rescuing Remedy Balm quickly removes daily grime and make up, it is a true skin saviour! Then follow with our Coffee Superfood Renewing Facial Exfoliator, gently massage into wet skin and rinse off with warm water. Your skin is now clean and ready for our Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum, this dark spot remover is kind to all skin types. Time for a moisturiser, choose between our Artichoke Superfood Firming Night Moisturiser or our Kale Superfood Nourishing Day Moisturiser.

Product Q&A

Q: Will this remove my waterproof mascara?
A: Yes! Our Lemon Superfood Rescuing Remedy Balm works to instantly lift away every last trace of make-up, including long-wearing and waterproof formulas.

Q: Is this gentle enough for sensitive skin?
A: Yes! This product is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Q: How long is the shelf life after I open it?
A: 6 months after opening. However, as with all cosmetic products, we recommend you keep the lid tightly screwed on when not in use.

Q: Do I have to use water to remove the product?
A: Yes, the product needs to be removed with warm water. 

Q: Can I use it every day?
A: Yes! Incorporating it into your daily routine will make a big difference.

Q: How long does a full jar last if used daily (morning and night)?
A: 2 months (approximately). 

Q: Is Dr. Botanicals vegan?
A: We are proud to be PETA-Approved! Our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients! 

How To Use

As a moisturiser, rub small amounts of the balm between your fingers then apply to your face and massage until absorbed. As a treatment, apply to any dry or cracked areas as required such as lips, elbows and heels. As a cleanser, massage a generous amount throughout your face and gently wipe away with a cotton pad or a cloth. Rinse after.


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  • Skin Customer
    Ottimo idratante, efficacissimo struccante.
  • Guest
    this rescuing balm has a love fresh scent and I use this on exposed skin in the cold it really protects and is gentle and best of all it works
  • Bobby
    Lovely lemon scented balm. Helped my flaky eyelids feel a lot less sore in the morning. Good to take off makeup and also as an extra layer of moisture