Advanced Light Facial Serum Essence

Advanced Light Facial Serum Essence
Eliminate the appearance of dark spots, Youthfully hydrate

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Oily Skin


Enriched with our star ingredients Elderflower, our Light Facial Serum Essence, works with a blend of botanical products to nourish and soothe skin while deeply moisturising keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day.

We believe oils and plant extracts can make a genuine difference to skin. Never tested on animals, this range embodies our belief in the potent power of botanicals.

The main active ingredients in the formulation are:

1) Vitamin B5 helps skin soft smooth and healthy, It also acts as an anti-inflammatory by stimulating your skin's healing process.
2) Echinacea helps fight blemishes by soothing damaged skin and fighting bacteria, it is also full of tannins which helps tighten skin cells for younger looking skin.
3) Aloe Vera to deeply soothe, hydrate and nourish skin.

Not sure how to deal with oily skin? The first step in any routine (day or night) is to always remove impurities and makeup; our Cleanse & Tone Cleanser is infused with a mixture of essential oils and Elderflower extract to restore the PH balance to your skin to help prevent dry or oily skin. Don’t forget to look after your eyes and try our loved Advanced Eye Nutrition Serum, with ring finger, apply sparingly to entire eye area using a gentle patting motion. Next, use our Light Facial Serum and then apply a layer of our Tea Tree Deep Nutrition 12 Hour Duo Moisturiser, our duo moisturiser is light enough to use in the morning, and effective enough to use at night.

Complete your routine by applying our Itelligent Exfoliating Tea tree and Quartz Facial Scrub 2/3 times a week.

Product Q&A

Q: I am looking for an anti-ageing serum, which in the Dr. Botanicals range is most appropriate for me?
A: Our Cocoa Noir Time Reverse Facial Serum and our Japanese Orange Revive & Firm Facial serum are better suited to those with mature skin. 

Q Should I use it in the morning or night?
ASerums should be applied twice daily, just after cleaning the skin.

Q: How long is the shelf life after I open it?
A: 6 months after opening. However, as with all cosmetic products, we recommend you keep the lid tightly screwed on when not in use.

Q: Can I use it every day?
A: Yes! Incorporating it into your daily routine will make a big difference.

Q: Is Dr. Botanicals vegan?
A: We are proud to be PETA-Approved! Our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients! 

How To Use

Dispense 3 drops of facial oil onto your four fingertips (exclude the thumb), rub fingertips lightly together and gently press oil onto your cheeks, forehead and then chin.


Feefo Reviews - Average 96% (23 reviews)

  • Skin Customer
    The advanced light serum is amazing. It feels like it tightens my pores and quenches my skin. The serum has now become a necessity in my morning skincare regime The best part about the company itself is that it does not test on animals.
  • Mansa Mudan
    Expensive but it is good product
  • Coral Campbell
    The product is a serum but it's not oily or sticky. It's incredibly light and thin in texture and soaks into the skin really well. It's sits well under other products and makeup.
    It has a slight citrus smell to it, but nothing too harsh. It refreshing and my face feels good after using it.
  • Megan-beth Millar
    A wonderfully packaged product that is light on the skin, it isn't oily and even on my sensitive skin feels fab. Great as a base for make up or just on naked skin.
  • ROSE
    I used this facial serum almost everyday and i cant describe how happy am with my skin now, its super hydrate and very clear, i absolutely love and cant stop using it.
  • Kata Csutak
    I really love the smell of it to start with, easy to apply it feels light not greasy at all on my skin. I've got sensitive skin on my face neck area when it comes to hydrating creams I spend that couple of extra pounds on one that works for me and this serum compliments it nicely no trouble at all.
  • Skin Customer
    This serum is very light and smells wonderful. First minutes it may feel sticky, however that feeling doesn't last long. It works perfectly as primer too. In the beginning i wasn't so sure about effectiveness,but after using few times I noticed visible difference on my face my blemishes almost disappear and... Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    So glad i ordered this, been using it for a little while now and love the way it feels on my skin.
  • Tyler
    LOVE the product. Skin feels so soft, and hydrated. I use twice a day and have noticed such a difference in my skin. Feels amazing on, and smells gorgeous. Will definitely be repurchasing.
  • Shannon Mchugh
    lovely product would definitely use again! feels lovely on skin and very natural and enriching.
  • Guest
    Love love love the product! It works absolute wonders for my dry skin!
  • Eloise Smith
    This serum was quite a surprise. I was expecting quite a heavy oil-based product based on the ingredients and my experience with other serums. This one however, is light and quick-drying (I won't say it absorbs quickly as that isn't how skin works). It feels a little tacky in the middle of the process, but... Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    The serum is very light, soaks in very quickly, without leaving a residue on the skin, after putting moisturiser on too, skin looked fantastic, glowing and healthy.
  • Diane Gorman
    This serum is quite runny & when it 1st goes on feels slightly sticky but after 1/2 minutes it sinks into skin & feels really nice. Would definitely buy again
    This serum is so light weight and blends easily. I wake up with smoothed and plumped skin. and the light scent is very soothing. And it slots in so easy to any skincare that you might be using. It is also safe around the eyes and makes mine look more refreshed and brighter.
  • Skin Customer
    At first, I was skeptical at using a serum, as I've never used one, but now, I must admit, it really lives up to all the hype. It smells so refreshing, and even afterwards, leaves a subtle fragrance which I enjoy very much (and my husband doesn't mind either!). Also, I've noticed that my face is visibly... Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    So good left my face glowing smooth and soft as I have dry skin
  • Skin Customer
    First impressions of this oil were good. The packaging was simple and elegant. The scent was very pleasant but not over-powering and the consistency of the serum was smooth and non greasy. It absorbed immediately into my skin meaning I could straight away apply either my moisturiser or makeup. I haven't... Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    Excellent product, used before applying my usual moisturisers, which appears to give my skin a faint glow, even under make-up. My make-up seems to last longer and I don't have a shiny t-zone that I was concerned may happen when using a facial oil.
    Am using the product daily, mornings and evenings,...
    Read More.
  • Elise Dakin
    The serum bottle is just gorgeous, the product smells and feels amazing. I am so pleased!