Coconut Oil Rejuvenating Body Exfoliating Bar

Coconut Oil Rejuvenating Body Exfoliating Bar

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Hydrate, Cleanse and Gently Exfoliate. Shredded coconut gently exfoliates the skin while coconut oil moisturises the skin and creamy coconut aroma works to unwind your mind.

✔ Refreshing cleansing and exfoliating bar for face, body and hands

✔ Cleanses, hydrates and gently exfoliates the skin for smooth and youthful looking complexion

✔ Uplifting coconut aroma

✔ Exfoliation gently removes the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface

✔ Anti-Oxidant activity protects from free radical damage

✔ Moisture holding properties smooth and hydrate the skin


The main active ingredients in the formulation are:

1) Shell Powder: Contain nutrients that promote healthy joints, like collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine, and hyaluronic acid.

Key Ingredients

How To Use

Usage Lather up in the bath or shower using your hands and rinse thoroughly.


Feefo Reviews - Average 100% (19 reviews)

  • Julie Lord
    So easy to use and very long lasting. Smooths and moisturises in one easy go. Leaves skin soft and smooth. Love it. Already ordered another!
  • Skin Customer
    Love it and smells amazing leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean
  • Sally
    I love this exfoliating bar, it can feel a little rough on your skin to start with but once it lathers up it's lovely. The scent doesn't last long on your skin but while relaxing in the bath all I can smell is coconut with is nice. My skin feels lovely and soft after I've used it.
  • Skin Customer
    I absolutely love the Coconut Oil Rejuvenating Body Exfoliating Bar 100g. For an exfloiating bar, it's very soft on your skin. You don't have to use a lot, so it's economical too. I've placed mine in a square soap dish and all I do is brush my wet hand over the top of the soap and immediately there is a... Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    This is a very nice natural product that is very exfoliating, but I think its quite expensive for what it is.
  • Kayleigh Hazell
    This bar is a lovely way to exfoliate. It's so easy to just pick up and give your skin a good scrub, without having to worry about the mess a scrub makes. It can be a little rough on the skin but afterwards my skin feels so soft and smooth, so it's worth it. I love the coconut scent too - it smells... Read More.
  • Guest
    I am so in love with this exfoliating bar, at first I didn't really think I'd go as crazy for it as I have but I looooove the way it makes my skin feel, clean and moisturizer all at once! And it smells delightful!! This is definitely a new must have in my shower routine!!
  • Erin Russell
    Loved using the bar on my legs before tanning, it just helps to exfoliate without drying out my legs, everything you need from a bar like this!
  • Skin Customer
    Great exfoliator and it smells amazing, only downside is it's too soapy and leaves my skin feeling a little squeaky and dry
  • Sophie Leigh
    This product was amazing on my skin, i love how moisturising it was while exfoliating my skin just perfect! I would definitely recommend it to anyone
  • Siobhan Flint
    I absolutely love the coconut scent of this body exfoliator. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth and the scent fills the whole bathroom.
  • Renata Roman
    My skin is really sensitive, and I am cautious with exfoliation, I do not use harsh ones, cuz I know those irritate my skin. Fortunately using the product does not left my skin red, it was gentle, and gave an amazing spa feeling right in my shower! The tiny flakes in it helps to exfoliate the skin, while... Read More.
  • Madolyn Blackburn
    I love everything about this product from the smell to the texture and how my body feels after using it. It left my skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated.
  • Samantha Bolter
    It seemed smaller than I thought it was going to be, costing nearly £30.00 but I think it's a case of a little goes a long way. Using the bar for the first time in the shower it took no time at all to get a good lather. The smell is divine, the texture of the bar is very rough in parts it almost scratches... Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    Brilliant product! I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant and was a little worried about how my skin would react as it has been a little more sensitive but this has made my skin beautiful after just a few uses! Nice and moisturised and no more dry skin! Would highly reccomend.
  • Kate Mitchell
    If you love Coconut scented products you will love this bar, it smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft removing any dry flakey skin, the scent lingers on the skin after use.
  • Brianne Kearney
    Really lovely, gentle product with a truly divine scent. A gem to use and amazing service as always.
  • Rachael Shortt
    This bar smells absolutely incredible! It's not harsh for sensitive skin and exfoliates well! I like that it's a solid bar rather than a cream so you waste less product! Would 100% repurchase
  • Skin Customer
    El olor es maravilloso y deja mi piel maravillosa.