Cocoa Noir Time Reverse Facial Serum

Cocoa Noir Time Reverse Facial Serum
Size : 30ml

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Dry Skin, Normal Skin

Our Cocoa Noir Time Reverse Facial Serum has been formulated to ensure the complexion is left youthful and nourished. A refined blend of botanical actives work to turn back the hands of time by improving skin health and appearance.

We believe oils and plant extracts can make a genuine difference to skin. Never tested on animals, this range embodies our belief in the potent power of botanicals.

The main active ingredients in the formulation are:

1) Geranium Flower Oil works to even the skin tone and complexion, whilst firming and plumping the skin.
2) Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil aims to promote skin hydration for healthier looking skin.
3) Neroli Oil aims to improve skin health, reducing uneven skin tone and visible blemishes. 

Dispense 3 drops of facial oil onto your four fingertips (exclude the thumb), rub fingertips lightly together and gently press oil onto your cheeks, forehead and then chin.

Feefo Reviews - Average 93% (40 reviews)

  • Skin Customer
    I received Cocoa Noir Time Reverse Facial Serum, at first I was a little skeptical as it quickly gets absorbed by skin, leaving no oily texture at all. It feels a bit like water than most of the serums I tried. It smells heavenly. I feel that I need to use a few more than the 3-4 suggested but I could see my... Read More.
  • Beauty Folio
    I recently joined the Dr Botanicals review panel and was sent their Cocoa Noir Time Reverse Facial Serum to try out.

    The serum itself is incredibly lightweight and not heavy or greasy at all. The scent is very rich and luxurious, but doesn’t overpower, and it dissipates quickly on the skin....
    Read More.
  • Martyna Sobolewska
    It is an amazing product and I love the fact that it is cruelty free(not tested on animals). The formula is perhaps a bit too oily for my liking as it caused spots and blemishes. But my skin is prone to allergic reaction so I'm sure it would be a perfect product for someone with not so sensitive skin.... Read More.
  • Jessica Cosford
    I have been using the Dr Botanicals Cocoa facial serum and I absolutely love it! My skin is very much combination. I still get breakouts but also dry patches as well as having concerns about the first signs of ageing. The serum is light weight and smells divine. My skin feels instantly smoother and after... Read More.
  • Ingrid Rutherford
    All in all, this is a very nice product to use, as a treat for your skin (and your sense of smell) - and I would recommend it to anyone who can afford the pricetag!

    The bottle has a dropper/pipette, to measure and assist with application, and the instructions are to apply 4-5 drops. I initially...
    Read More.
  • Jacqueline James
    I got the Cocoa Noir Time Reversal Serum free and just paid the cost of delivery. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product, it didn't have any adverse effects on my very sensitive skin and left it really soft and smooth. I'm not sure about the anti ageing properties as I have not been... Read More.
  • Wendy Evans
    I personally found it difficult to use a tiny amount of oil to cover my face and I prefer the texture of a serum rather than oil. It did smell nice and make my skin feel soft but I just don't like the oils so much as a serum
  • Lara Catchpole
    I like the smell. I was expecting a coconut fragrance, but actually coconut doesn't appear in the ingredients. There are some interesting ingredients, eg "snail secretion". The directions work well, eg 3 drops for face, so it'll last ages. Its not oily, just a bit sticky. I'm hoping it will work well over... Read More.
  • sian greenslade
    this facial serum had a nice aroma and made my skin feel glowing and smooth.
  • Skin Customer
    Delivery took some time, but I received the info accordingly.
  • Skin Customer
    The product contains nice oils and does not dry skin even if you don't use your cream after applying serum. Absorbs very quick, so your skin does not stay oily for long. If you think you may be allergic try product on little part of your face before applying serum on full face because serum contains... Read More.
  • Natalie Newton
    Great product. It left my facial skin feeling energised.
  • Skin Customer
    Lovely serum that sinks beautifully into my skin..
  • Lilla Hancock
    Still early days but so far so good - no sensitivity yet which is a bonus.
  • Zoe Fox-Smith
    Smells gorgeous for quite some time after application, however, doesn't spread well enough and I always need more than the 2-3 drops stated.
  • Gergana Spasova
    The Cocoa Noir Facial Serum is great. It has lovely cocoa aroma. It absorbs quite well on my combination skin and as great at making the skin tone even. I am very pleased with this purchase.
  • jane taylor
    I felt the liquid was less oily than I expected after reading other reviews before signing up to test it. I initially used on a night time as didn't want my make up sliding off if it was greasy. I found it light light water and soaked in perfectly allowing a great Base for my make up. My skin feels softer and... Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    Quality items 🖕😀😎5 stars
  • Robyn
    The serum itself is a lovely product. I have SUPER sensitive skin so I was a little wary, however I had nothing to worry about at all! I used this during the day time, between my toner & usual day time moisturiser. 3 drops on my palm was just the right amount. The serum absorbed into my skin so quickly.... Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    This is all natural serum. My skin drink it with pleasure and then feels pampered. My skin tone is more even and supply.